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Sempai Liam Anderson
Assistant Instructor


San Kyu - Brown Belt 3rd°

sensei chris

Started Wrestling in 7th grade

Train in Brazilian Jiu jitsu on Lylle ave.

1st in 21st AIKC in Semi-contact Kumite (Sparring) and Kata

2nd in Semi-contact Kumite (sparring) at Hilton karate tournament

1st at 22nd AIKC in Semi-contact Kumite (Sparring)

3rd at 2013 Rochester Grappling Tournament

2nd at 2012 Matthew Marino wrestling tournament at 171 lbs.

I take training seriously, I dont fool around, I try to focus on me and not let others distract me in class. I love to fight... competitively.

Kyokushin Record: 6-1 (4 wins by K.O.)

bowling, boating, my dog
Hands and Feet
Karate Kid
My father, grandfather, Sensei Chris, and Chuck Liddell
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Galway, NY

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Webster, NY

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