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Sempai Russell Davenport
Assistant Instructor



Ichi Kyu - Brown Belt 1st°

Febuary 9, 2009
Sensei Chris Malley, Sensei Matt McSain

Martial Arts do not make warriors they make people understand. Those who understand get farther in life than those who don't. So in class be helpful and be passionate because if you are not you will get no wheres. I consider Martial Arts not just as a hobby but as a way of life take every lesson to heart and put it to use in your everyday lives. Martial Arts, to me,  is not knowing yet understanding. Teaching yet being taught. As Bruce Lee once said, "Being shapeless like water, definite yet formless. Knowing when to flow and knowing when to crash. You can penetrate water but you can not break it. Be Water My Friends."

-For those who do not know the philosophical part of me.

Spinning Hook Kick
Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Scott Adkins
Enter the Dragon, Way of the Dragon
Bruce Lee
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