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Shihan Chris

Shihan Chris Malley
Master Instructor



Rokudan - Black Belt 6th°

Shihan Joe Sagarese, Sensei Theresa Sagarese, & Hanshi Paul Munchbach

Shihan Chris began his training in Shukokai with the Galway Karate Club at the age of seven. He received his black belt in 1988 in Shukokai and Nemuru under Master Munchbach. He has been an instructor since 1983.

Shihan Chris competed in tournaments throughout the Capital District of New York as a junior competitor and adult through college. He has won numerous events in sparring and kata. Later sensei returned to competition as senior competitor and has won several trophies at the American International Karate Championships.

In 1996 shihan started Golden Eagle Martial Arts in Webster, NY with the intention of offering instruction that is more affordable. He continues to train with his instructors and constantly tries to improve his art. Never caring for the politics with in the martial arts world he always looking for new skills to add to the Nemuru style and add innovative ways to teach his students.

To help each student achieve personal excellence.

Flying spinning inside crescent kick
Kiwanis Club of Webster, Boy Scout Troop 113
Sports, scouting, wood working
Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris
Enter the Dragon
My Dad
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