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Updated Student Handbook (19 Jan 2017)

The Student Handbook has been updated. Please download it and familiarize yourself with it.

Student Handbook

General (6 topics)

This section is for general martial arts topics.
Thinking you want to learn the martial arts? Welcome to our Beginners Corner, a place for the curious to find guidance.
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Children benefit in many ways from martial arts training. This is the place to find out more.
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Martial Arts has long been considered the realm of men. There is just as much for men to learn and there is for women and children.
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Women have a lot to gain from martial arts training. Find out more.
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There are lots of different ways to test one's skills in competition
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MMA (0/0)

Mixed Martial Arts is everywhere. Learn more about
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Polls (0/1)

Participate in our online polls about martial arts topics.
Are you excited about karate in the 2020 Olympics?
by Shihan Chris
1 year 4 months ago

News (0/5)

Discuss Golden Eagle Martial Arts news articles.
Re: What does a "Dan" REALLY Mean?
by Aposbshoog
2 months 14 hours ago

Here you will find topics for beginners, children, women, and men interested in training in the martial arts.

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