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articlebuttonOur style or system is called Inuwashi Do or Golden Eagle Way. Inuwashi Do has four disciplines: Nemuru karate, jiko boei or self defense. kobudo or weapons, and tameshiwari or breaking.

Nemuru karate, also known as American Freestyle Karate or New American Power System, is based on the Japaneses styles of Shukokai (descendent of Shito Ryu) and Kyukoshinkai. It employs a large variety of punches, kicks, blocks, stances, and other strikes that concentrate on movement from one position to another. The practicioner learns balance and focus to execute techniques with speed, power, and spirit. Nemuru also incorporates skills from martial arts like aikido, judo, juijitsu, kungfu, tae kwon do, pentjac silat, boxing, and wrestling.

Jiko boei, or self defense, is training to defend one against attacks, holds, weapons, and multiple attackers.Our students learn multiple ways to defend themselves and how to adapt to different situation and conditions.

Kobudo, or weapons, involves the use and application of various martial arts weapons. When students are eligible they begin training with the bo staff. When they have satisfactorily demonstrated their skills performing the first three bo kata (forms) they can begin learning othe traditional weapons. This includes sai, tonfa, kamas, fight sticks, and swords. They also learn to defend themselves with and against these weapons.

Tameshiwari, or breaking, is the application of techniques to break boards, blocks, and other objects. Breaking demonstrates to the student the devastating power they can generate with proper technique. Student can participate in numerous breaking competitions.

Often it is seen that one style of martial arts claims to be the best of them all. This simply is not true. There are advantages and disadvantages to each style. The martial arts, as a whole, come from the same roots and ideas. Besides physical differences (major and minor) between styles, the greatest differences are caused by the political backgrounds and history of the nations from which they came.

The roots, or core of our style, are in karate. Karate is Japanese for empty hand. The vast majority of our training is done with our hands and feet. Once students have reached an advanced rank and level of maturity they may begin, at their option, to train with martial arts weapons for demonstrations and tournaments.

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