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articlebuttonKata is a memorized form or pattern of simulated combat against multiple opponents in multiple directions. Kata is what ties all the physical aspects of karate together - waza (technique), kumite (fighting), and jiko bōei (self defense). It's repeated practice helps the karateka develop balance, focus, speed, power, and spirit. Katas can be traditional or creative (often developed for competitions and demonstrations).

Katas are often adapted for use with traditional martial arts weapons such as the bo staff, tonfas, kamas, sais, etc. The martial arts weapons also have their own katas.

Nemuru has four groups of kata:

  • Taikyoko - Translated as grand ultimate, are the first katas taught to students
  • Heian - Translated as peaceful and calm, are the intermediate katas
  • Advanced - Gek Sai Dai, Tsuki No, Bassai Dai
  • Inu Washi Do - Translated as way of the golden eagle, traditional/creative katas for advanced students

Please read more about our katas and click the links to see videos of each one.

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