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usa ifkkThis was a packed weekend for Golden Eagle Martial Arts. We started with a shodan (1st degree black belt) test for Sempai Mike and capped it off with an all day/all night affair at the American International Karate Championships.

On Friday evening a testing board was convened, which included Sensei Chris, Sensei Nik, Sensei Matt, and Sensei Beth. The test began about 7:10 and lasted about an hour and fifteen minutes. Sempai Mike performed technique combinations, demonstrated power techniques, defended himself against nearly forty different attacks, executed empty hand and weapons katas, and finished off with several rounds of sparring  including the five man circle. At the end of it all he was rewarded with the rank of shodan and shall now be called sensei. Be sure to congratulate him.

On Saturday a group of us went to the Rochester Riverside Convention Center for the 22nd Annual American International Karate Championships. The day started of with some glitches, but got rolling quickly as the competition began. Sempai Taylor brought home 2nd in weapons with her nunchuka, Sempai Chuck brought home 2nd in kata and weapons, and Russ and Liam both brought home 1st place in semi-contact fighting. We were honored to have as a special guest Shoshu Shigeru Oyama, a 10th degree black belt.

Congratulations to everyone for your outstanding efforts this weekend.

Shoshu Shigeru Oyama, Ju Dan (
An outstanding performance in
Not 1, but 2 First Place performances
Still Celebrating
Everyone had a long but very good

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