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One of the most common questions instructors get asked by students relates to increasing kicking height.  While flexibility of the kicking muscles is important, there is so much more to be concerned with.

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The martial arts are an excellent activity that all people can enjoy, assuming that they find both a training system or style and instructor that they can associate with.  The fact that these activities can be enjoyed by countless people worldwide is evidenced by the large number of schools, tournaments, systems, styles, and practitioners.  However, there is something to be said about the lifestyle of martial arts versus the business side of martial arts.


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Sometimes, it is he or she that we do not expect that will bring something to mind and make us truly think.  The example here is a reflection on a specific point that was brought up at last night's class in relation to the word of the week - perseverance.

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aveldman replied the topic: #19 1 year 2 months ago
Perseverance (Nintai) certainly does require strength!

And karate requires perseverance! One simply will not get very far without it. Waking up with sore muscles after an intense training session once may be okay... counting the bruises from sparring could be a “battle story” to share with friends at first... but eventually the novelty wears off and reality says this is what it’s all about. Having that inner strength to persevere allows us to continue to learn, to continue to train, to reach the next level despite those sore muscles and bruises.

But before you can persevere, you must want to reach that next level. It has to be a goal that you set for yourself deep inside; no one else can set it for you. Then, when you have practiced for months (or years), and you still walk away from class feeling like you had the stuffing beat out of you, wanting to reach that next level will feed the strength, and perseverance will allow you to return to class the next time to train harder.

Without perseverance (and that goal), walking away is easy. That’s not what karate is about.

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