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GREEN is the color of growth, the color of grass and the forests. The green obi reflects one who has begun to absorb the light; one whose skill and spirit have started to blossom and bear fruit.


6 months of active training as Go Kyu/Blue Belt


Category Skill Video
Technique Groin Block, Reverse Groin Punch
Technique Inside Block, Reverse Chest Punch
Technique Face Block, Reverse Face Punch
Technique Knifehand Block Reverse Chest Punch
Technique Outside Block, Reverse Chest Punch
Technique Inside Crescent Kick
Technique Double Front Snap Kick
Technique Double Roundhouse Kick
Technique Double Side Kick
Technique Spinning Back Hook Kick
Technique Front Snap Kick, Roundhouse Kick, Side Kick
Technique Flying Front Snap Kick, Side Kick Spinning Back Kick
Technique Inside Crescent Kick, Side Kick, Spinning Back Hook Kick
Technique Power Chest Punch
Technique Power Front Snap Kick
Technique Power Roundhouse Kick
Breaking Any Double Board Hand Technique
Breaking Any Double Board Foot Technique
Self Defense Chest Punch
Self Defense Groin Punch
Self Defense Face Punch
Self Defense Front Snap Kick
Self Defense Roundhouse Kick
Self Defense Front Choke
Self Defense Rear Choke
Self Defense Headlock
Self Defense Bear Hug (Rear, Arms Free)
Self Defense Bear Hug (Front, Arms Free)
Self Defense Sleeper Hold
Kata Taikyuko Shodan Video
Kata Taikyuko Nidan Video
Kata Taikyuko Sandan Video
Kata Heian Shodan Video
Kata Heian Nidan Video
Kata Heian Sandan Video
Kata Heian Yondan Video
Kata Bunkai - Taikyuko Shodan
Sparring Two Minutes (1v1)

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