articlebuttonWe love to share photos and videos for training, educational, and sometimes entertainment purposes. The videos on this website can be found on YouTube while our photos are on Facebook. Please use the main menu or side menu to navigate and browse our photos and videos.

We encourage our students, staff, families, and friends to share their videos with us. Please download our document which includes instructions and guidelines for sharing your pictures and videos with us.

Please subscribe to our Youtube channels. When we add a new video to a subscribed channel you will be notified. 

We advise all viewers not to try any of the skils and/or routines demonstrated in our videos without the supervision of qualified instroctors or in an unsuitable environment. None of the people in our videos have been asked to perform any skills and/or routines which they are not qualified for. All of the skills and/or routines are continually practiced by the students and staff of Golden Eagle Martial Arts to ensure the safety of the participants and spectators. 



GEMASpotlight Videos from tournaments, demonstrations, special events, and of our friends
GEMAKata Videos of traditional Nemuru katas as well as traditional/creative katas developed for competition and demonstrations ytsubscribeweb
GEMASelfDefense Videos demonstrating the many novice, intermediate, and advanced self defenses of Nemuru used against strikes, holds, and weapons ytsubscribeweb
GEMATechnique Videos demonstrating the various stances, blocks, punches, and kicks used in Nemuru ytsubscribeweb
GEMASparring Videos demonstration different types of sparring used in competition as well as drills and combinations to improve sparring abilities. ytsubscribeweb
GEMAWeapons Videos demonstrating the use of various martial arts weapons
GEMAWorkout Videos showing diferrent workout routines used in warmups, warmdowns, stretching, and for improving specific skills ytsubscribeweb
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